WHEVER YOU GO, WERE YOU ARE (Magically Yours Series 2)
The PI business has really gone to the dogs. Literally.

Werewolf Lucy Lyle has just caught a ruff new case: sniff out the stalker preying on a couple of male strippers. Should be easy enough, except it seems that the only scent Lucy’s wolf is interested in is that of the scrumptious new client. Human client. Too bad they’ve sworn off humans for good. But like a dog with a bone, the harried PI is determined to solve the case, facing down the dangers of strip club locker rooms, waxing strips, law professors, smart mouthed police officers, and, worst of all, true love.
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This book is a really fun read. Randa has a unique way of writing interesting, funny, unique characters. When they are interacting you feel like you are watching them more than reading them which is hard to do. I love this book and cannot wait for the next one
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Another fun read in the Magically yours series. The author is witty and smart, and the story is fun if you can get behind a shapeshifter romance. If that doesn't sound like your thing, try Missing by Randa Flannery, my personal favorite of her books. She has something for everyone!
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There are so many great characters in these books. Keep up the good work Randa! Can't wait for the next one!
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